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Doesn't it time-wasting

When you have to start your car and go to the beauty salon. It is always better to stay at your home, but what if you want to treat yourself a manicure for your nails?

not only it is time-waster

But the coronavirus (COVID-19) is also in spreading in the air, hence it is not advised to go outside if it is not urgent. Politicians, scientists, doctors, celebrities, public figures have urge us not to go outside.

But what if we want to get a gooood nail treatment? Well, here is my tips for you!

Here is my tips for you!

Do your OWN nail at your own home!

Here are my special curated list on the top 7 nail polisher than you can use to give yourself your own nail treatment.

Because, why go out when you can stay at home?

Best Seven Nail Product (with images!)

1. Bona Fide Beauty Pastel Premium Czech Glass File by Bona Fide


Made with Czech Glass, a high-quality premium bohemian glass, tempered to ensure the glass is strong.

Strong enough to knocks down rough edges in seconds PLUS it also feels good on your hands. So, when you have to file them it won't cost you any long time.

Design is also fabulous with a lot of variant of colors. Suits all of your personality!

However, every products have their own issues, well, this product has it too...... This product is made of glass, it will never be as strong as those which are made from metals. However, it is absolutely safer and feels better for your skin.

Priced at $9.99, this is a really nice pair of nail files that you will clearly need at your home!

2. Professional Double Sided Nail Files Emery Board Grit Black Gel Cosmetic Manicure Pedicure

Sometimes you just want to smooth out your nails without taking off half the length in one swipe. This black gel cosmetic manicure pedicure nail file is the right choice for you.

Definitely still the best. If you feel it too ruff or hard, just use it lightly and it will still work great! People use them on acrylic and also regular nails which are super thin and flimsy and they have no problem using them.

People used these daily since receiving them. They are coarse enough to file my gel topcoat off on one side and soft enough on the other side to file my thin nails with no polish on them. They are better than single files I've purchased from the drug store.

And also! It is so cheap that I thought they are joking!

3.Diamond Nail File 2 Pack, 7 inch Double Sided File Buffer

Made with the strongest material on Earth, Diamond. These files are almost quite perfect. They’re very sturdy with the same grit on both sides. The grit is aggressive enough to file down quickly yet fine enough to not eat away at nails and leave a smooth finish.

They’re well constructed and one piece so they will not break at handle.

The diamond covering wore right down in patches showing the smooth metal underneath. Very cheaply made. The fingernail file has not worn down but it is used very lightly for shaping. Fingernails are not as hard to shape as are toenails. Still, the toenail file should last more than a few uses.

Excellent nail files. My nails are very hard and many files don't have enough "tooth" to do the job. These files are toothy and long and really help me.

Priced at $14.97 this nail file is one of the most valuable file in its range. Click here to view this nail file.

4. Nail Files and Buffer, TsMADDTs Professional Manicure Tools Kit Rectangular Art Care

This is a very good boards and blocks. In the product description, it says that blocks are 120 grit, I guess that's true.

All the blocks have four different grits, not just one. The material is holding up nicely. The blocks are much better than some of Amazon customers' used. Some others have paper covers with the grit, but these are the same material all the way through. 

I believe these are well worth the money.

Does these products make my nails shine? Sadly, no. No, they do not make your nails shine.

These are salon quality for an amazing price. Much more functional than drugstore versions. Highly recommend them to anyone who does home manicures.

Additional notes: these products have a strong toxic chemical/ carcinogenic odor - like petroleum or plastic. It’s immediately evident when you open the package and is worse with files than the blocks.

Also, the colored grit on the blocks gets all over your nails, so if you use, say, the yellow block, your fingers have a fine yellow grit all over them when you’re done.

Beware of the toxic chemical always wash your hand with soap after using it!

For more information or purchase, hit this link!

Priced at $9.99, I believe this stuffs got 'salon-qualities' in it.

5. 3 Swords Germany - Brand Quality Double-Sided Sapphire Nail File

Made in the great country, Germany, Great quality, great value, and solidly-built. However, the plastic handle feels like it’s going to break when used slightly aggressively.

The ones that we purchased are flimsy and weak. The CERN old files are quite sturdy and do the job nicely.

Another Amazon customer has stated that 3 Swords Germany sounded like it would fit my needs, and it was correct. Have used one of the files several times, and it always shapes my nail just right after cutting. If they need a little perfecting later as I may not have been as thorough as I thought, it quickly fixes the problem.

However, the nail file is flimsy. Tears easily. The 2 sword files are a little rough. Takes forever to file down long nails. If you have brittle nails wouldn’t work for you.

Priced at $7.55. Definitely well-pleased with this purchase if you don't have dry nails.

6. Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files


This expensive Czech glass nail file lasted until it slipped out of its stretched-out case almost 12 years later and broke on a hard floor.

I cried, for real. I made the mistake of buying another glass file, sight unseen, thinking it would be the same. No dice; it was glass but had grit attached like sandpaper.

I was not disappointed with this nail file. This nail file fulfill all of my needs. These are great! The glass itself is textured, not just covered in grit. Filing your nails becomes a pleasure as you can create a perfect, catch-free nail tip easily. Each of the three files has a little case for protection. And they work like a charm! Worth every small penny!

Here is a recap on how big it is ^^ with a remote control.

The microfiber sleeves make it easy to keep these clean and safely store them, even near items they could otherwise scuff. The part of the handle that sticks out of the sleeve is smooth.

Haven't had these long enough to speak on the longevity of the sleeves, but I'll update this if there's anything to note. If not, assume they're still I'm the great shape they came in.

If you, like me, have been upgrading files over and over looking for the holy grail - this is it. Get 'em!

They work as advertised though the files are not ground on the edges of the file. Either way they are superior to traditional sandpaper files. Colors are not quite as pictured. Purchased fern green, blue, aqua cobalt, and the intensity is not quite there. Still a good file but the colors shouldn't be enhanced like that.

Priced at $9.95, this is a surely needed product if you

7. Beauty Glass Nail File 6 PCS Professional Double Sided Fingernail File

LOVE these! They're thick and seem like they'll last a long time. The individual cases are cheap plastic but no any problem for me. Very nice sized as well. Not some little dinky nail file you can barely hold.

These glass nail files work better than metal or cardboard files. They don’t leave sharp edges and are not over aggressive. From past experience I have found them to be fragile. Don’t drop or step on them. Therefore the four stars on longevity. The metal case makes them more portable. They do keep their usefulness for a very long time.

However, these files are not good quality at all. This is my third time using this file and the grit is already coming off. After the first use, i noticed that the file’s grit was nearly completely worn down and practically smooth again. I would recommend that everyone stay away from these files unless you want ‘single use’ glass files

After a single manicure, there are bald spots on the file used. These glass files are supposed to last much much longer than regular Emery boards and wooden files. Not only did I end up with bald patches on my file, the file left behind the top layer of my nail and I had to still scrape/nip it off. Be careful and don't use power when you use this file.


Expert's opinion

Tammy Taylor, who is one of the most famous nail entrepreneur of all time once said "Your nail aren't going to change the world, but the woman who wears them will."

Emi Kudo, the artist behind Billie Eilish stunning look at Grammy's 2020, believes that styling nail is the best when be done by ourself.

Summing UP! What for which?

So, best on these blog which nail files are you going to pick? There are a lot to consider between these files. However, I think I should designate each of you based on your nail type!

According to grazia daily (pictures also taken from them) there are 3 main nail shapes: round, oval, and square. However, I'll add some variant you'd probably like!

1. Round

Nail Shape: Round

To create this type of nail, the best nail file you can use the Professional Double Sided Nail Files Emery Board Grit Black Gel Cosmetic Manicure Pedicure. A black block type of nail file. This is required so as to carve a round type of nail, the best nail file to use is the rough one, to add texture to your nail.

The cutest nail for the ones who have short fingers with short or narrow nail beds.

2. Lipstick


Nail Shape: Lipstick

This nail shape will got you praises. Like, this is so unique and hard to get.

Lipstick nails key features are slanted and sharp tips, thus it need extra care nail product to care for it.

I recommend using the Diamond Nail file, as it has a very precise handle. One of the other thing is that it is strong and will carve your nail with care.

If you want to pull out this look, you better check on your nail. It requires strong nails, don't forget to use gels.

3. Square

Nail Shape: Square

To create this type of nail, the best nail file you can use the Diamond Nail File 2 Pack; it is the most suitable nail file for those of you who want to carve your own square type of nail. Diamond is the strongest figure on Earth. It will helps you best to carve a square nail shape if you want it.

Not sure if you want it or not? Research has shown that the best type of finger to wear this nail is have long fingers and long, narrow nail beds.

4. Almond

(chic nail art)

Nail Shape: Almond

To create this type of nail, the best nail file you can use The Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files or The Beauty Glass Nail File 6 PCS Professional Double Sided Fingernail File. Why do I recommend glass file?

I strongly believe that glass nail file will help you carve this type of nail better than other nail files. To carve this nail you need precision. I believe to make that curvy-curvy edges could not be made curvy if it is carved with a strong nail file.

Who would look cool in this almond style nail? This Glamorous nail would look the best on medium-long nails

One of the most famous celebrities that wear the Almond Style Nail is Khloe Kardashian. Photos taken from her Instagram.

5. Flare

Nail Shape: Flare

To create this type of nail, the best nail file you can use the Diamond Nail File 2 Pack; it is the most suitable nail file for those of you who want to carve your own flare type of nail. Diamond is the strongest figure on Earth. It will helps you best to carve a flare nail shape if you want it. 

Those who wants to look extra--XTRA, should have this type of nail. It will gives you a kind of unique feeling, maybe wear this on your 1st date <3

Our pop Queen, Rihanna once wore this flare nail style, images by PopSugar

6. Squoval

Nail Shape: Squoval

The jack of all trades, squoval, a type of hybrid nail which is all-round favorite. Anyone can wear it proud. All you need to get now is any type of nail file, and don't mess with the curves.

Like Choi, the nail expert Jinsoon Choi said, it suits any type of nail, any nail length, any time; any place just go for it.


Nail Shape: Oval (U Shaped Nail)

To create this type of nail, the best nail file you can use the glass nail file, The Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files or The Beauty Glass Nail File Pro Double Sided Fingernail File.

I strongly believe that glass nail file will help you carve this type of nail better than other nail files. The oval type of a nail is pretty hard to carve as it needs precision. However, it also needs a little power, not too much power tho, as the curvy-curvy edges could not be curvy if it is carved with a strong nail file like diamond type one.

This nail is the cutest for you who have shorter fingers or shorter hands with wide, stubby nail beds. The oval shape will create the illusion of length. It's also a good shape on longer fingers that have wide and short/stubby nail beds.

Kylie Jenner is one of the user of the Oval Style. As taken from her Instagram.

Kylie said that, "She loves it!"

Closing Statement

Well those are my list of recommended nail files, and which nail files to use to create your own FAVORITE nail types!

In taking care of your nail you don't need to go to beauty salon, but if you didn't have the time to conduct the following steps, you can always rely on a nail buffer!

 You can always rely on this to treat yourself a quickie manicure and pedicure!

Never fail your nail!

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