Sponge Holder: Which one are the best?

As a fellow mother/primary household member, I have personally reviewed and tested a lot of sponge holder which help organize my kitchen sink set. Here is the main key points for most sink caddy/sponge holder

In our research faculty, our editors and co-writers have independently researched, tested and found that these are the best sponge holders you can own. Check this out! We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Best Sponge Holder

First, it should be ergonomic. It should not take much space. Secondly, it should be able to last long, have a strong durability. Third, it should be able to hold to the sink thus a strong suction cup. Finally, if it is compact, it is also a good point as there are several kitchen set that perhaps you want to store.

After my years of experience in having a sink set, I have tried a lot of sponge holder and here's my personal review for those product as seen on Amazon

1. Sponge Holder For Kitchen Sink Caddy With Neodymium Magnetic Detachable

1. Ergonomic: [★★★★]

Design's cool however, lacks functioning aspects. With a monochrome color and curvy edge, I am sure it will fit your kitchen sink. However, the huge hole, open bottom made it less efficient

2. Durability: [★★★]

Made of nice steel, additionally, the magnet holds it for quite a long time.

3. Compact: [★★]

The open bottom made it less effective. Small utensils may fall down.


Made of stainless steel, Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink avoid hidden dirt and bacteria. The open bottom also helps so. However in a few months it turned to be rusty. Additionally it is too small if compared to the standard sink holder. And some sponges don't fit there.

As you can see, the open bottom could made a little risky to be put.(credit image: Joey G. & Birdie One)


You can check out the product yourself.

2. Sink Caddy Sponge Holder, Dish Soap Organizer for Kitchen Sink.


1. Ergonomic: [★★★]

Suitable for a lot of different kitchen utensils, not a really cool design tho. Plain.

2. Durability: [★★★★★]

This product is 100% safe from rust because it is made from plastic.

3. Compact: [★★★★]

Just right and efficient, a sponge and the soap can fit in perfectly.


I am uncertain about my cooking skills but I am quite certain about this sponge holder. It is the most suitable for most kitchen sink, however lack of suction cup may cause it to be not suitable for other types of kitchen set.

(credit image: mahal kiita)

As you can see by yourself, you can fit a lot stuffs there! This sink caddy is also looking vibrant on the sink!

Click here to view this product!

3.Good to Good Silicone Sponge Holder - Soap Tray - Sink Organizer Set of 2


1. Ergonomic: [★★★★]

Design looks cool, (it looks like a medieval era shield)

2. Durability: [★★★★★]

This product is made of anti-rusty stuffs (Silicon. Suitable for water.)

3. Compact: [★★★]

A bit too small. However suits some time of soap.

This kitchen sponge holder protects the sink area from soap scum, It is also made from silicone, which increase the durability and perhaps is more suitable for some of you.

There is absolutely no suction on these spoon rests. The quality is great and withstands heat near stove and placement of got spoons/tongs on the rest. It was not as wide and that it did suction to the counter for more stability

P.S: It was also a really safe products for your kids! (Some sponge holder are sharps.) However, perhaps it is too small for you who have a lot of kitchen utensils.

Click here to view the product yourself!


4. Simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy


1. Ergonomic: [★★★★]

For the slim one: nice design man!

2. Suction Cup: [★★★]

The suction cup is only suitable for some platforms.

3. Durability: [★★★]

The one I have is not made of good steel, getting rusty by months.

4. Compact: [★★★★]

Although it look slim, a few products still fit in.


There are two types of this product slim and standard, personally I can only review the slim type. Well, it is a nice organizer for all types of kitchen utensils. The design is also cool.

I got high hopes on this as it looks cool, however, the suction cup is not sticky thus making it useless in a few months.

  • (credit image: david)
    (credit image: JIn Chang)

    5. hblife Kitchen Sponge Holder Stainless Steel Sink Caddy

    1. Ergonomic: [★★★]

    Basic design, however you should beware of the sharp edge.

    2.Durability: [★★★★]

    Open-bottom made it less rusty. The steel is fine.

    3.Compact: [★★★★]

    And also, open bottom made it a little bit inefficient for small sponges. They can fall down.

  • (credit image: Melanie Powell)
  • This sink caddy is perhaps a sink caddy which is not so useful for some sink set.

    If you have a large sink set it may suits you. But honestly, it does not fits me and my small sponges.

    Amazon's customer note: Beware of the sharp edge


    6. iDesign Twigz Kitchen Sink Suction Holder for Sponges, Scrubbers, Soap - Silver


    1. Ergonomic: [★★★★★]

    Extremely cool! Looks like an aesthetic piece of art

    2. Compact: [★★★]

    However, the cool design make it less efficient.


    This would be better as a soap holder than a sponge holder.

    I use a thick, s-shaped sponged with a scrubby side and they can be put in it, but they're longer than it is and a little crammed in there..

    Yes, this has an elegant design but the suction cups are absolute junk which makes the product worthless.

    Also note, it is not dishwasher safe. One run though and the entire silver coating came off.


    However if you feel suitable with this product, you can always check it here

    7. iDesign Twigz Sink Suction Holder for Sponges, Scrubbers, Soap in Kitchen, Bathroom, 5.15" x 5.2" x 2.3", Bronze

    1. Ergonomic: [★★★★]

    A bit cool design for the lads! Match the color of most sponges

    2. Compact: [★]

    Too small. Only fits one sponge. Made it so inefficient, I believe this is better be a piece of art only.


    VERSATILE: Sink basket holds sponge, scrubber, scouring pad, drain stopper, and more! Great for kitchen, workplace, master bathroom, guest bathroom, kid's bathroom, craft room, classroom, college dorm room, or office sinks

    I have now purchased two of these holders. They are quite pretty and give my sponges time to dry out between uses - a very healthy thing to do, especially in the kitchen.

    Knowing that bacteria grows best in moist environments, these solve my issues. In addition, the size is just right.

    This is a very pretty suction sink holder. I liked the looks very much, but the suction holders were completely useless.
    They didn't hold at all. The very first - and only - time I tried to apply this to my sink it just fell to the bottom of the sink.

    They could suit some of you though. Don't forget to click the link!

    8. ODesign Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer Sponge Soap Brush Holder with Drain Pan Stainless Steel

    1. Ergonomic: [★★★]

    2. Durability: [★★★★] (a good type of steel)

    3. Compact: [★★★★★] (fits a lot of stuffs)

  • (credit image:Amazon)
  • This is a sturdy, modern looking sink organizer with a plastic bowl underneath that collects water and slides out.Very effective to prevent rust.

    It hold tall brushes easily, a sponge, washcloth, hand lotion, and your soap bottle or in a pretty soap dispenser. It gives enough space for ALL of your kitchen equipment.

    However, as similar to every previous products, this product has a weakness, which the plastic bowl slides out easily from the side too dump out the water. The large size also is a good size ledge but not enough to cause the organizer to fall when you pump the soap.

  • (credit image:Amazon)

    Before ordering this sponge holder, I think you need to decide if you want something that big with sink accessories sitting on your counter.

  • If you have considered it thoroughly that this products suits you the best. Go for it.

    9. 2 in 1 Sponge Holder+Rag Holder for Kitchen Sink with Adhesive, 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Sponge holder Organization Basket, Kitchen Sink Caddy holder-Easy to Use


    1. Ergonomic: [★★★]

    2. Durability: [★★★★]

    3. Compact: [★★★]

    I bought this because I was tired of having my sponges and dish brush just laying behind the sink & gettng gross. It was easy to put up & looks great! Definitely recommend!

    Expert says

    People say that hygiene are important. Moreover, pandemic-People say that hygiene is an absolute. Using a sponge holder will help maintain it's hygienity.

    Do you really think that your kitchen is clean? Think again! Bacterial growth in a very high number in your kitchen counter which would never be able to be seen with your naked eyes. Raw food, defrosted chicken, unwashed vegetables, tons of them!

    Statistic also has proven that a lot of people are not aware about their kitchen hygiene. Thus, having a sponge holder could be the first start to your kitchen to be way more clean than before.

    Why should we own a Sponge Holder?

    I believe that every household should have their own sponge holder, why? I believe having a sponge holder will increase the productivity of your work.

    Another point than productivity, it also make your kitchen desk looks hygiene. This will help you clean your dish better.

    The best of their league.

    Closing Statement

    So… What Do You Think?

    Which sink caddy will suits you the best???


    Personally, my family prefers the second one, it is more suitable to my kitchen set:)) HOWEVER, of course there are different suitable sink caddy for every different kitchen set, so...

    PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment below!


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