Foot Arch Pain: Helpful Hacks to apply for you make your feet comfortable, preventing pain and reducing pain, "the Curated Lists"

Before you judge a woman, walk a mile in her shoes

If you want to see the best leg pain survival guide, then you’ll LOVE this guide. 

I personally tried and reviewed 19 shoe tricks to ultimately end your foot and leg pain.

  So, how do you wear your shoes…    

  • 1. Tape your middle and fourth toes together.

  • There is a nerve between these 2 toes that gets really disturbed when you’re wearing high heels. Tape the toes together using tape. It will relieve the pressure and will make walking more comfortable.

    I have tried it personally and I felt the impact on how it has change my toes' health.

  • 2. Wear Acupressure Sandals!

  • These reflexology sandals have earth cobblestones with many functions, such as relieve stress, preventing leg cramps. Severe knee and ankle pain are going to be gone!

    Buy it now, perhaps for you or for a gift to the beloved ones!

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  • 3. Go shoe shopping in the evening.

  • If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you’ll be wearing all day long, it makes sense to try them on in the evening. During the day, our feet swell and become a bit larger in size as a result. So, trying new shoes when they swell the largest will be crucial.

    The last thing you want is to get a pair of shoes that fit perfectly well in the morning but become incredibly uncomfortable later in the day.

  • 4. Wear comfy shoes

  • Don’t wear your boots every day. Put AWAY your HEELS, wear your flat slip-ons. Wear your sports sneakers.

    Studies show that wearing uncomfortable shoes may bring pain as your feet are given extra weight to hold.

  • 5. Bend the toe box.

  • When choosing a pair of fancy heels, make sure to try and bend the toe box. The toe box is that part of the shoe that touches the floor and that’s the area where you put most of your weight. If it can be bent, then it’s a good sign. Shoes that are too stiff and won’t bend will be a real “stone in the shoe.” You’ll end up with an unnatural walk during the day and pain in the evening.

  • 6. Apply lip balm to blister-prone areas.

  • Lip balm will make these areas softer and more slippery, plus it’s a thing you most likely always have in your bag and can reapply when needed. Just use a transparent one to avoid spots inside the shoes.

    OH, and don't forget to use different balms for your feet and your lips!

  • 7. Go for an uplifted shoe-nose.

  • Another thing to pay attention to is if the toe box is slightly raised. That can also make the shoes more comfortable as it helps eliminate the difference in height. If your feet are raised 2 in above the ground, walking can become less painful.

  • 8. Widen your shoes in freezer

  • Freeze your insoles to help wider your shoes and the toes area. You can do this before you sleep at night, and then at the morning take it off and wear it anywhere you go!

  • 9. Use Dr. Foot Rest

  • Never underestimate muscle cramp and tendon pain. In a certain amount of time, it can cause you back pain or even pinched nerves. Well, this footrest will not cure your pain but PREVENT IT. 

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  • 10. Grate your soles

  • This is a very interesting tip to save you from slippery soles. Don't just grate your cheese, grate your soles too! But never grate a cheese using a grater you haven't wash after you grate your soles...

  • 11. Blistering Ankle (Part I)


    Another way to avoid blistering your ankle, you can also spray your feet with deodorant spray.

    This way, there would be layer to your ankle.

    Source: (5-minute crafts)
  • 12. Make your own soles

  • If you often feel discomfort when wearing shoes, it may be worth it to create your own inner soles. Some soles are just way too uncomfortable, and you can make your feet a lot happier by getting some thick and grippy fabric, and cutting it to the size of the shoe. 

  • 13. Keeping your feet warm.

  • This tip is particularly useful during the winter. If there’s one material type that you can associate with warmth and comfort, it’s wool. Just insert some wooly fabric whenever you might think your feet need some warming up. 

  • 14. Heel Caps

  • For someone who loves their shoes, the thought alone of a heel breaking is absolutely terrifying.

    It’s worth investing in a couple of heel caps that will quickly fix shoes with broken heels. 

  • 15. Get arch support

  • If you’re particularly dealing with pain around the arches of your feet, special arch supports inserts can help you relieve some of that body stress fin a matter of seconds.

  • 16. Make your heels shorter

  • Majority of shoes have pretty significant heels. Getting your heels shortened is a great idea if you’re looking for shoes that are somewhat more subtle and more comfortable to wear.

    It can prevent you from sore soles!

  • 17. Use dryer to expand shoes

  • Breaking in new shoes isn’t that nice. The best thing to do before you wear your new shoes is to put on thick socks and blow tight & uncomfortable spots dry.

  • 18. Blistering Ankle (Part II)

  • There is an effective way to avoid blisters in your ankle, which is to put sanitary pads by your ankle as shown in this video by 5-minutes crafts.

  • 19. Use Foot Hammock

  • Or do you love to travel? Well the foot rest won't be suitable for you but I suggest you this foot rest under desk. This travel foot rest is SUPER portable! prevents lower back pain, stiffness, reduces feet fatigue and leg swelling suffered during long flights. 

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